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Perfect Duck

Chef Bradley Borchardt here.  This is a site I have created to catalog movies about food.  I will be uploading the volumes of information I have accumulated over the years as time allows. After each review I will give you a relevant recipe or 2 that relates to the movie (double click on the movie title and the recipe should follow).  I encourage you to leave comments and suggestions about any of the tasty flix you have seen over the years.  If its not part of my repertoire I will view and add to the file.  Its my goal to make this site the ultimate catalog to go to for finding those movies that have food (not explosions or machine guns or car chases) as the focal point. 

Alright then, no talking during the feature and remember-life is too short to eat bad food.  There is no excuse

If you want to know more about me-click on the expandingpalates icon on the tool bar.  It will bring you to the food/travel website I created a few years ago.  I have been traveling, cooking and eating for most of my adult life.  I just happen to be maniacal about keeping notes about everything-my old boss and mentor Mark Miller told me to get a site going that shows everything so he doesn’t have to constantly reach out to me for recommendations on where to dine in the various places I have spent time.

Gastronomically yours,

Chef Bradley

OK-my top list of food movies that are required viewing of anyone who has an afinitiy for food films.  Descriptions can be found in the blog but I just wanted to give you a quick look into what I find value in.

Tampopo, Babettes Feast, The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, Who Is Killinig the Great Chef’s of Europe, Eat Drink Man Women, Le Grand Chef 2-Kimchi Battle………