Chocolate Perfection


Francis Hanly

Location Filmed

UK, France

Movie Synopsis

This publicity piece is somewhat informative but not very thorough.  Yes there is some historical context about early chocolate consumption but his claim that France, though fantastically food focused, is not the best at chocolate.  No one is the best at anything.  I will give him props though…the Roux family are vital to the world of gastronomy and though Jr. doesn’t hold the same weight as his elders he still has a certain sense of style and old school finesse that is harder and harder to find.  It’s worth an hour of your time to have a look and add what you see fit to your culinary playbook.

Fave spots for chocolate:

Maison du Chocolate-my first visit to flagship in Paris some 20 years ago really opened my mind to a world beyond nestle – incredible technique.

Ecuador-there is incredible chocolate here…This place called Republica del Cacao left me speechless.

Dude Sweet in Dallas…Chef Katherine Clapner is beyond talented with her combinations and adventurous spirit.  She’s one of the best this country has produced.  If you haven’t been, you must!

(and lets face it, the Snickers bar is the ultimate energy/protein bar there is…)

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