Scotch: The Golden Dream


Andrew Peat 

Location Filmed

Scotland, Taiwan

Movie Synopsis

A wonderful documentary about the storied history of Scotch Whisky or as they locals called it Uisge Beatha – Gaelic for “water of life.”  The story focuses on Jim McEwan, a master distiller of many years but also touches upon other distilleries, professionals of the trade and the global perception and lust for this wonderful creation.

I spent my junior year of college at the University of Stirling in Scotland.  Studying in a classroom was way behind what became an obsession of studying single malts!  I tasted nearly 50 different and visited about 10 different distilleries.  The thing that is so amazing about Scotland is the fact that there is so many unique cultural creations for such a wee country.  

It was in this country that I learned how to drink!  The beer is perfect,  the beef, the lamb, the wild game and the North Atlantic seafood make it a F ’n B destination on par with anywhere in the world.  

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