The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie


Luis Buñuel

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A classic French/European surrealist pic that is completely non linear and confusing at times where dreams and real life exist intertwined and overlapping.  Knowing this before you watch might or might not help in your viewing but thats beside the point.  This is a fantastic film that shows one how stupid and disconnected many upper class social norms actually are.  It also showcases how relentless human desire is once one is fixated on what one wants.  There is some gruesome scenes and some poltergeist imagery as well.  All in all  a fantastic tastyflix!

The dinner sets are beautiful, the women’s wardrobe’s are elegant.  The dreamlike nature of the film always puts a kibosh on the guests ever actually getting the chance to eat (think of trying to get to your destination in a dream but you just can’t) but thats how good this filmmaking is.  Your mouth begins to water when they repeatedly sit down to eat but always get interrupted before they can enjoy the the leg of lamb, the truffle omelet, the Bordeaux.  All accomplished by great story telling and cinematography-no CGI.  

I will leave it at that…C’est Bon!

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