Sour Grapes


Directed: Jerry Rothwell, Reuben Atlas

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A pithy documentary about the illicit business of fine wine, wine auctions and the uber rich snobs who live in this world.  Rudy Kurniawan is an Indonesian fraudster that ran roughshod over the wine world.  He manufactured/fabricated and successfully sold counterfeit bottles of the world’s finest wines.   As many do, I love fine wine and do my best (when tasting fine wine) to engage in just the right amount of geeky wine douchebaggery dialog.  Its fun!  That being said, I don’t take it that seriously and think that the prices of some of my fave bottles (Bordeaux is my achilles) are just overblown ridiculousness.   So, I’m not really losing any sleep over a bunch of filthy rich assholes getting gigged over bootleg vino. The only thing that would have put this documentary over the top would be Stacy Keach’s “American Greed” haunting commentary…salut!!

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