Directed: David M. Altrogge

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Movie Synopsis

Another noteworthy food documentary in the Netflix arsenal.  The film’s start was a bit dramatic for my taste, but once underway, I really enjoyed the production.  The insights from industry insiders (as well as heavy bourbon drinkers) was clever and thoughtful.  Equally enjoyable, were the short forays into the fringe elements of the bourbon culture.  These variables ranged from a furniture maker re-using spent barrels to an archeologist on the hunt for old distillery ruins.  All fun and well filmed.

Most importantly, the film does a solid job of explaining the roll of this infinitely American creation (in this young country’s life).  White oak trees are very American and corn is America’s most important grain.

I love bourbon….in a cocktail, on the rocks or nestled in a brown bag – straight out of the bottle.

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