Odd Thomas


Stephan Sommers

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

This film offers a gentle nod to the life of a diner cook. He is a twenty-something who can see dead people and has taken it upon himself to fight and prevent the evil forces from wreaking unnecessary havoc on us oblivious bags of flesh….cool huh! Is that “psychic magnetism” or what?

Odd Thomas is the hero’s name and he works as a short order cook in a small California desert town, but the production was actually filmed in Santa Fe (which was cool for me because I lived and worked there for a time and enjoyed spying sights that I used to see every day). Odd works at the Pico Mundo Grille, which is actually the storefront from the Plaza Diner (a place frequented by me for their chilaquiles and roasted corn tostadas).

The scene where Odd is throwing down in front of the flat top is cool-great diner lingo and theatrics. I think this (or rather my wife) thinks that this should be turned into a TV series-great writing (à la Dean Koontz) camera work and snappy editing made for a fun movie to watch.

Additional Credits

Writers: Stephan Sommers (c/o Dean Koontz)