Julie and Julia


Nora Ephron

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Movie Synopsis

A good movie, but Julie is a bit annoying as a character. Her elevating Julia to mythic status is a bit off- putting to me; however, the film has some nice market scenes in Paris and fun cooking scenes-especially when Julia is at Le Cordon Bleu studying French food.

For those who have not seen it… it’s the story of Julie (an aimless child of the 80’s; who is a semi-ambitious home cook). She decides to cook through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cuisine,” and chronicle the experience through a blog. I have to say that this character annoyed me; throwing temper tantrums, having fits and abusing her husband. I never read the blog and feel that this would be a worthy challenge to pursue, but I don’t like whiners.

The movie is worth seeing for more historical information about Julia Child and her life (beyond the shows I grew up with). Is it a favorite? No. Does it have relevance? Yes.

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Additional Credits

Writers: Julie Powell, Nora Ephron