City of Gold


Laura Gabbert

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Movie Synopsis

Normally food critics, bloggotweeters and uneducated opinions about the world that I live in gives me hives.  However, I’m forced to eat those words when it comes to the perspective of Jonathan Gold’s reviews of LA dinning.   

The first half of my career was so Euro-NYC focused and my thoughts of the west coast at that time were met with my righteous indignation about roots to classic European technique and a “wave of the hand dis”.  Well, we all need to be able to change our minds as life and experience goes on.  

As years passed my culinary world really began to expand I started to see and taste wonderful things in places I never considered before.  

So, thank you Jonathan Gold for your thoughtful, investigative perspective and work! With your guidance I changed my tune to the scene in LA and LA, now, has become my fave large scale food city in the US.  

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