Combination Platter


Tony Chan

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A shabby food noir movie that actually has some good insight into expat and especially restaurant expat life. Its the story of Robert an illegal waiter in a NY low level Chinese eatery. He lives a marginalized life in a quest for a green card-hopes of which would come as he tries to date an American girl and get married. The date scenes are so uncomfortable and awkward to watch-ugh. The rest of the characters are grotesque fringe dwellers that live in a Hades like middle world.

What I found most compelling is the reality of life in an everyday neighborhood restaurant. There are no great culinarians, there are disrespectful guests, drunks, thieves, gamblers and immigration officers deporting the staff that serves and cooks them dinner. All very true to life in the restaurant business as anyone who is in it can verify. You see, restaurants are one of the final frontiers where outlaws, misfits and bandits can live and often prosper. Its just that everyone who watches the squeaky clean “Master Chef” would probably find this hard to believe.

I know who is cooking your food-do you?

“The faster the Americans eat the richer we get”

Additional Credits

Writers: Edwin Baker, Tony Chan