Short Order


Anthony Byrne

Location Filmed

Ireland, Germany and England

Movie Synopsis

It’s the story of a night in the city where people wax poetic about food and its relation to sex. The central character is Fifi (a chef in hiding who is fearful of the world and the expectations people project on you). Throughout the night, various characters come forth and challenge her choices; forcing her to re-examine her life. The characters are so over-the-top, at times, you feel like you’re watching a Lynch film-yet not quite so dark.

Beautiful sets and cinematography! Snappy heartfelt and honest dialogue filled with quotes worth remembering. This is one of the best food films I have seen in awhile. Also, the soundtrack is a delight.

“A new era is upon us Fifi. We must free the world of the culinary terrorists and the men that are responsible for their existence!” – Paulo

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Additional Credits

Writer: Anthony Byrne