“Fall in love with your work” – Jiro Ono


Once in a while, a true master is born.  A person, with no other real purpose than to chase perfection; a person that will sacrifice anything for his craft.

In this documentary, we are formally introduced to Jiro Ono; an 85-year-old sushi chef, thought by all to be the best sushi chef in the world.  It’s an amazing piece that brings many of my beloved quirks of Japan to the viewer’s eye: obsession with food, obsession with refined repetition, obsession with tradition, obsession with sacrifice of one’s self for the craft that chooses you.

In essence, it is a beautiful thing to see someone so involved with process and not about accumulation of money.  I will watch this film for many years to come and hope I can get there to eat before the old master dies.  This, unlike any other restaurant, is worthy of me waiting in a line around the world to dine in.



Well I don’t really have one for this movie, as anything I write down will not give justice to his work.  My opinion is to watch this movie and question the sushi you eat the next time you go out.  Maybe you will seek out some perfect fish at an understated bar that does not load up on mayonnaise, tare and crispy tempura cracklings.

Me and the "old man" in 2012

Chef Ono made every piece of sushi for me-extraordinary experience.
Chef Ono made every piece of sushi for me-extraordinary experience.