The Green Butchers


Anders Thomas Jensen

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A wonderful bit of food-noire! It’s the story of two meat processors: Svend and Bjarne; who are at odds with the world and find themselves buying a butcher shop. They, as well as all the characters, are a bit grotesque and hard to watch. The filming technique adds to this unease; with the use of shadows and filters, which created a middle world feel that had me squirming in my seat.

Business is dismal and they are about to go under, when an electrical technician that gets locked in the cooler over night. From the movie poster, one can only surmise what happens. Along the way, there are sub-stories, twists and turns that show some really solid storytelling.

Many of the food movies I have listed on this sight are not great “films”; however, this piece really is a joy to watch. I don’t really know what recipe to put with this film? I guess you could watch “The Great Chefs of Europe” or “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” for some ideas on how to prepare that delivery man that tripped, fell and broke his neck on your door step. Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and this will be sooo much more interesting than Ruffles and ranch.

Additional Credits

Writer: Anders Thomas Jensen

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