S.J. Clarkson

Location Filmed

United Kingdom

Movie Synopsis

This movie landed right into one of my favorites. It’s the movie adaptation of Nigel Slater’s autobiography. Those of you who are not familiar with Nigel, are in need of acquaintance. He is one of Britain’s best food writers; having penned some solid cookbooks. He also could be called a patron saint of all things non-gimmicky nor flashy when it comes to food.

I cannot say that I was of like-mind, for much of my career. In fact, I was an outright food snob; with attitude on par with the haute kitchens I was toiling away in. Alas, age and a bit of wisdom (a small bit mind you) has come my way and I now see such virtue in many of the things Nigel sees virtue in.

All along, there have been these cooks who are not chefs; however, they have a passion that is often beyond the Egyptian cotton clad brigades. They are not rooted in one fine-honed discipline; rather they see food as a more integrated element to life: an accessible key to joy and love. I am slowly falling into this category of cook and it feels good. Thanks, Nigel, for reminding me what’s important. Currently on my nightstand, I am re-reading “The French Menu Cookbook” by Richard Olney-a real tear jerker. I also have Jeff Smith’s “Three Ancient Cuisines” along with a few books from the River Cottage and Francis Mallmann’s Seven Fires…..

Life is better now-less chaotic and more tasty. Enjoy this film.

Additional Credits

Writers: Nigel Slater, Lee Hall