The Trip


Michael Winterbottom

Location Filmed

United Kingdom

Movie Synopsis

This movie annoyed me but that might not be such a bad thing. I mean these guys are good actors and maybe they were just doing their job well in that they provoked a response from me that was strong. There might be nothing worse for an artist than ambivalence. Not that I think cooking is an art (rather a craft with artistic elements) but I would rather have someone hate my food than give me the response of “eh?”

Ok, the story is of a writer who works for the Observer and takes an assignment to travel to the North of England and review the high end eateries that dot the landscape. At the last moment the writer’s girlfriend bails on him. It becomes apparent to the viewer that no one likes this guy as everyone he asks says, in so many words, no thanks. He is forced to ask a former colleague who he is not all that fond of. Their relationship is based upon a series of one-upmanship scenes which are very amusing at times. I like the dueling Michael Caine, Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins impersonations. There are some nice scenes of England’s countryside and some good food along the way.

I suggest on your next long flight to make this choice if available. If you like it great, if not it will put you into a deep slumber.

Note: this movie is based upon a 6 series piece that the director made for the BBC.

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