Eat This New York


Kate Novak, Andrew Rossi

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A lame little documentary that floats around between a number of different chefs/restauranteurs in NYC. The focus is on 2 guys from Minneapolis who have dreams of opening a contemporary gastro-cafe on a shady street corner in Williamsburg. Along the way, they interview everyone from Drew Nieporent to Rocco Dispirito (I just threw up in my mouth).

I just did not find it that interesting or informative. These guys got into a business without any real plan as to how it’s supposed to go. They take what should have been a 6-month opening into the endless abyss that is as misguided as any restaurant opening I’ve seen or been part of. I don’t even feel compassion for them-they did not do their homework. I do give them props for following through and making it happen.

Additional Credits

Writer: Kate Novak