Entre Les Bras


Paul Lacoste

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

An excellent film about one of the great chefs of our day, family dynamics and refined cuisine.

I was struck by the silence of this movie-they have great swatches of time showing landscapes and work (without uttering a word). All you hear is the tap of knives on cutting boards, the wind howling through the trees and the wheels churning in the mind of a chef. There are some tense moments between father and son. The son wants to take over but probably feels trepidation as they are some big shoes to fill. The father wants to step back but really cannot because its his life’s work. So very engaging and honest.

I have had the good fortune to dine at many great restaurants over the years however this establishment, (which has been consistently on the top of my list) has evaded me. I am going to have to work on that.

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