The Cheese Nun


Pat Thompson

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Movie Synopsis

An inspired piece about Sister Noella Marcellino (a Benedictine nun) who through “divine intervention” has become one of the foremost authorities on milk’s attempt at immortality.

Its always a pleasure for me to see someone push the limit of their passion-from lover of cheese to Fulbright scholar she has done it all. Her perspective on life is interesting as well. For someone like me, who sees structure as something to break free from, she has found freedom in those very bonds. It’s an interesting notion because when you think about it-life on the “outside” is riddled with questions and shifts in perspective, which occupy a lot of time in maintaining. If you sequester yourself to a structure (her cloistered life) that has everything defined, you then have the freedom to push yourself unencumbered She says “A life without structure is not free”. An interesting perspective but I choose different.

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