My Dinner With Andre


Louis Malle

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A strange little ditty indeed. This is an anti-action movie about 2 friends getting together in a fancy New York restaurant where they have the quintessential New York neurotic existential conversation about theater, life and how we all say we want to get out of New York but never do.

I enjoy the self indulgent banter and at one time would have loved to be part of this conversation. Now I am less interested in talking about life and just living it.

There are some very interesting points made in their mind walk and there are some quotes that really stuck with me (“comfort will lull you into a dangerous tranquility”). I suggest you make a large platter of good noshings (if your in NYC-go to Zabar’s and get some truffle studded foie gras terrine) sit down, indulge your mind and enjoy this unique piece of film making.

Another one–“if you just eat out of habit you don’t taste the food hence your not conscious”

That is a lesson for the good ‘ol USA as people stuff their faces with over salted over crunchy processed fat snacks add infinite. You know if you eat real, unprocessed food at a slower pace you need a lot less of it and you will feel full longer-just saying.

Additional Credits

Writers: Adre Gregory, Wallace Shawn