Le Cirque-A Table In Heaven


Andre Rossi

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

This is a tough one to watch! The family dynamics are so uneasy and disrespectful that I spent the whole movie cringing. It’s the story of Sirio Maccioni, his family, and their quest to keep Le Cirque alive.

So, after a good run the family loses its lease, moves the restaurant and moves it again; to its current location in the Bloomberg Building. Along the way, the father talks endlessly about the old days and how he wants to keep doing that “old style” service. Back in the day, Le Cirque was the hangout for the ultra rich; where egos were stroked and truffles flowed in the streets. Sirio built the business on generosity, showmanship and comping meals. His sons think, and rightfully so, that it is a bit more complex than that. They need to make money and they need to be relevant to what’s being cooked, now. There are times that the disagreements are so heated that I was surprised that fists were not thrown. What an insane battle of wills.

At the end of the day, they re-open to a mediocre review, adjust, and after a time; get 3 stars by the Times. I was happy to see that. I ate at Le Cirque 2000 in the late 90’s. It was not very good and the price was through-the-roof. I wish I could have eaten there when Daniel was the chef, I am sure it was an exciting place to dine. I think all you youngsters need to watch this, to brush up on your history; these are things that young cooks need to know.

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