Kung Fu Chefs


Ken Yip

Location Filmed

Hong Kong

Movie Synopsis

This tasty flick moves into one of my favorites. It has exciting action, enjoyable cooking scenes and great attention to Chinese traditional dishes. It is another dueling chef/restaurant movie similar to “The Chinese Feast”, but I liked this one a bit better (less silly slapstick and more “crouching” style kung fu and cool cooking scenes).

It is the story of two brothers; one is a great chef and the other is prone to cutting corners. There is a mythic cleaver that identifies the clan and the claim of this knife leads to a great divide between the families. It is only later through food and the kindness of strangers that balance and harmony is bestowed on the feuding family.

“Principals of groumandism are: color, smell, taste, conception and appearance”

Additional Credits

Writers: Wang Bo, Simon Lu, Cyrus Cheng, Chu Jun-yu, Yuan Li-jiang