Genetic Chile


Christopher Dudley

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

Another doom and gloom documentary about: GMO’s, the rape of land and culture, how elected officials are whores in suits, how logic so often is not part of social dialog….etc. (Sigh)

Normally, I avoid these types of movies because I am tired of getting pissed off. My family, close friends and colleagues have lived with a minimal footprint since day one. We rarely eat processed food and are on the front lines of the food business doing good work. However, I lived in New Mexico and hold the Hatch chile to the same level of awe and glory as truffles from Perigord or Alba, so I felt obliged to muscle through this flick.

To the assholes in Washington and the assholes that run the likes of Dow, Monsanto and the other warm and fuzzy organizations like that…I send you thoughts of peace.

To the mindless consumers and addicts of a life addicted to amusement, I would ask you to watch this and look at it not as entertainment; but as education. Stop buying bags of chips, mega bottles of soda, and saggy grease-laddened cardboard packs of frozen entrees, get off your lazy asses and learn how to cook from scratch. FYI-reality shows are not real.

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