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Food is comfort…well yes, but some people get a little too comfortable. This is the story about Dom, his brother Frank and his cousin Sal. They are an Italian family living in New York. Dom loves food, in fact, his whole life food has been there to comfort him when things get the least bit sideways. A wake-up call comes when Sal (another food lover) dies at 39 from endless overindulging. At the urging of mother, Dom begins to address his weight issues. Sadly, every attempt is foiled by food. He joins “Chubby Checkers”, a weight support group. These guys usually get together and talk about how much they love food. At one point, the conversation gets so heated that they have a total binge session eating everything in the kitchen.

Throughout the first 3/4 of the movie, Dom is wracked with guilt about how he looks. His shame prevents him from pursuing Lydia (a mousy shop keeper who has caught his eye). Finally, acceptance of who he is sinks into his head and he no longer self loathes. This acceptance gives him the confidence to court and finally wed Lydia. The final sequence is a bunch of photos of Dom and Lydia and their growing family. Each picture shows his brood and belly growing all the while with a genuine smile.

I think that people really need to have a fresh look at this simple, thoughtful and funny film. Self- confidence and self acceptance can lead you to happiness faster than anything. I think nowadays people are beyond occupied with pointing out the deficiencies with what’s happening in every “house” but their own.

Bon Appetito…

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Writers: Ann Bancroft