Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A documentary about the current state of food and eating in the bloated and overindulgent West. Unlike so many gloom and doom documentaries out there, this one has had a real positive impact.

It’s the story of Joe Cross (a rich Aussie investment banker who lives large and consequently becomes large); so large, that his life is dependent on pills. He takes matters into his own hands; decides to do a 60-day juice fast and documents the results and reactions from the people he comes across, along the way.

It is inspiring because it’s real and comes from a stance of practicality; rather than some health craze extremism. Juicing is good, as I do at least 1 meal a day as juice (at least when I am not traveling). It’s a simple way to lighten your footprint and promote a bit of restraint. No fads, no pills, no lunacy, just good common sense.

I am sure the meat board just loves this-haha.

Additional Credits

Writers: Joe Cross, Robert Mac