La Grande Bouffe


Marco Ferreri

Location Filmed

Italy, France

Movie Synopsis

Apparently, this film caused quite a controversy back in ’73, though it seems tame by today’s standards. It’s the story of four gentlemen (each with means and education), who have become disillusioned with life. Their remedy… is to hole up in a villa and eat (and screw) themselves to death. It sounds morbid; however, it is French and beautifully filmed. Unlike today’s piggish TV stars, who actually go around trying to kill themselves with 72oz steaks; it is a work of fiction — so sit back and enjoy the grotesque comedy of it all.

The sets are lavish! I love the over-the-top motifs of the rooms; complete with Chinese lanterns, stuffed birds, marble statues and grand pieces of art. The kitchen… ohhh the kitchen is so fantastic: charcoal rotisseries, huge french tops, giant copper stock pots, marble slabs, a full wood paneled walk in cooler…..so very cool! Some of the food that is cooked and consumed are: blood sausage, veal kidneys Bourguignon, veal kidneys Bordelaise, soft-shelled lobsters with sauce Aurore, bone marrow, fresh oysters, crepes doused in Grand Marnier, lots of rotisserie fowl, suckling pig, tart “Andrea”, hot chocolate, brioche doused in milk…..I do love French food!

The film has a similar feel to “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” with its overindulgence, scatological humor and twisted sex. Nonetheless, it is more tame, less violent… a substantial piece of work that easily made it onto my All Time Fave list.

PS- Fauchon had their hand in helping with the food style-love it!!!

Additional Credits

Writers: Marco Ferreri, Rafael Azcona