The Restaurateur


Roger Sherman

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It should have been called the golden child, because that’s what Danny Meyer is. What was most compelling to me is the time frame-mid 1990′s NYC. I was cooking in the city at that time, ate at Tabla and staged and ate at Eleven Madison. Those close to me will chuckle as they recall my experience in the kitchen at 11 Madison-unorganized insanity (“Hey thanks man” is what the line cook said to me in a sweaty panic induced yelp).

Anyway, it’s a trip down memory lane for me. I have mad respect for this man and what he has accomplished. A trip to NYC is not complete without some oysters and a glass of steely white, while sitting at the bar at Gramercy Tavern. The youngsters out there today should watch this, because most do not know their history; the old folks like me should watch this, because it will bring back memories of cooking in the 90′s-what a glorious time that was….. Also, flash forward to 2009 and see 11 Madison move and morph into a haute temple of prissiness-pretty cool to see that span of time condensed into a short movie.

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