Schumann’s Bar Talks


Director: Marieke Schroeder

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A global tour of some of the most iconic bars, stools and cities in the world…where this uber cool cocktail guru shows off his craft and talks the world over about the history of drink and drink establishments.

This doc is as cool as it gets and this guy lives in a world that most of us only get to pass through. Inspired, fun, sexy, mysterious, serious and playful all at the same time-kind of like a great drink.

Gesondheid, 干杯 / gān bēi, Na zdravi, Proost, Santé! / À votre santé!, Prost / Zum wohl, ΥΓΕΙΑ, Sláinte, Salute / Cin cin, 乾杯/ Kanpai, 건배/Gun bae, į sveikatą, Noroc, Na zdrowie, Saúde, Будем здоровы/ Budem zdorovi, Salud, Skål, Iechyd da, Sei gesund, L’Chaim and of course…Cheers

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