L’invention de la cuisine-Gerald Passedat


Paul Lacoste

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

Paul Lacoste has created a nice series about chefs and what drives them. This was the latest installment in my home theater and it’s a pleasure to watch. There are a few points that I find very interesting. First, is that Chef Passedat considers the sea his greatest larder; however, he cannot spend any time in it because he is too busy and has ear problems which prevent him from diving. Second, is that his talent is great but his knowledge of food, beyond what he does, seems limited. Watch the scenes as he goes to an African market and an Asian market. Ingredients that are very common to me are as mystifying to him as truffles are to me. I appreciate his humility and gusto in buying them and trying to just sort it out.

I would love to eat here-the setting is beyond beautiful and the old city that surrounds him reeks of history and color. Europe is still such a force to be reckoned with.

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