Like Water for Chocolate


Alfonso Arau

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

A wonderful movie that takes place in old Mexico where the struggles of maintaining tradition cause severe pain and longing. Its the story of Tita the youngest daughter, who aches to be with her deepest love Pedro. Tradition keeps her from fulfilling her life with him as she is the youngest daughter and its her responsibility to stay at home and take care of her mother.

There is a great play on my thoughts that one’s state of mind can infuse the food you cook. The scene where Tita is making a wedding cake and here tears of sadness fall into the batter comes to mind. She is so beside herself with sadness that when people eat the cake they become ill and mournfully sad at an occasion that should be about celebration. I know that when you cook with love you make better food and when you cook with love for the people you love you create magic.

A wonderful film.

Additional Credits

Writer: Laura Esquivel