Dinner Rush


Bob Giraldi

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

An amusing indi flick that did pretty well in the theaters. Its the story of the mob, hit men, a gambling sous chef, an obnoxious restaurant critic and oh yes food. The cooking scenes are chaotic and not very pretty but that’s OK-the slow motion sequence is cool and the dialog is sharp. I do have to say that in the 5 years I worked in New York (and everywhere else for that matter) there is no way in hell I could have left the line at any moment or listened to a transistor radio while I worked as the sous chef did in Dinner Rush-I would have been gutted and hung.

Sandra Bernhart plays the critic in this movie but is really playing herself. I have cooked for her a few times and she was beyond rude to the staff and demanding the point of hilarity. Are you so insecure that you have to act this way-its really ugly. Give me Uma Thermon any day-there is one serious eater and kind guest.

Chefs will do just about anything for press and this film guarantees reservations will be hard to get because this is one of the only places where you can eat butternut squash ravioli and then get whacked.


Additional Credits

Writers: Brian S. Kalata, Rick Shaughnessy