Mostly Martha


Sandra Nettelbeck

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

Back to Hamburg but with decidedly more talent in the kitchen than the team at Soul Kitchen (see earlier review). This story is of a work consumed chef who heads the kitchen at a high end eatery. Martha, like most chefs, has an inability to let go of any control (she actually runs the therapy sessions she is forced to attend leaving the psychiatrist puzzled and confused). Anyway, she gets thrown for a loop when she is forced to adopt her 8 year old strong willed niece who has a personality that actually mirrors hers. Pair this with a loose as a goose Italian chef who shows up to help out and you have the makings for ripples in Martha’s once calm and serene pond.

There is some tasty cooking moments as well as a great scene where she goes into the dining room and has it out with a belligerent Euro-trash guest. That I loved! See also “No Reservations” which is the Hollywood remake of this film.

Additional Credits

Writer: Sandra Nettelbeck