Movie 2015 TV Series 2009-14

Midnight Canteen (Midnight Restaurant)


Joji Matsuoka

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

I saw this film (inbound) on my last trip to Asia. Following the inflight dinner service and a good head full of sake, I reclined back and really enjoyed this film. It’s the story of a small izakaya (in the back streets of Tokyo) that opens at midnight. There is no menu to speak of, but if you ask the Master; he can prepare just about anything you like. Throughout the evening, various characters come and go (a yakuza boss, office workers, runaways, an exiled actress, etc.) – all looking for comfort in food and friendly conversation. A sweet film that delights and shows, once again, the power of food and cooking…..

The movie’s origin stems from a manga series created by Yaro Abe, which was originally turned into a TV series. The TV series lists each episode around a specific dish or ingredient. That item of food ties the whole story together-that is really cool!

Additional Credits

Writers: Katsuhiko Manabe (screenplay), Kensaku Kojima (screenplay), Joji Matsuoka (screenplay), Yaro Abe (manga)