Alexander Payne

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I am sure most of you have seen this film by now. It attained a cult like status upon its release; doing great harm to the lover’s of Merlot and a great boost to the growers of Pinot Noir. It is the story of two college friends, who decide to have a private bachelor party in the central coast wine country of California. Miles is a bitter and twisted failing writer alcoholic English teacher divorcee wine aficionado. Jack is the over-acted over-the-hill peter pan afflicted gauche sex addict who is getting married. Together, they get into some trouble, meet some women, drink lots of wine and face some of their fears.

It was an amusing film to watch and it showcased a part of California wine culture that is NOT Napa valley. I enjoyed the dialogs they had about wine and the characters are well- developed and well cast. It’s a funny and sad film worth your time.

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