Roland Joffe

Location Filmed

France, UK, Belgium

Movie Synopsis

Many think Vatel impaled himself on a sword because the seafood delivery did not come in time. Alas, this movie rights this mis-informantion. He kills himself for love. He was a man of exquisite taste; albeit low birth and would do anything to create an experience that would be over-the-top. He was hired by the bankrupt prince to organize a 3-day food/love fest; where the prince is hoping to win favor with Louis XIV and get a commission as general. In that time, Vatel falls in love with the king’s newest mistress. There is no possibility for that relationship (for obvious reasons) so what does he do? A French style seppuku.

I had high hopes for this film based upon the cast and director, but it seemingly fell short. Yes, there are some good cooking scenes but not to the level that I thought there should be. Still, you need to watch it for yourself.

Additional Credits

Writers: Tom Stoppard, Jeanne Labrune