High Heat


Zach Golden

Location Filmed


Movie Synopsis

Well, not really a food movie but rather a B-grade action movie (set in a kitchen). It’s opening night for this restaurant, which is owned by Ray and Ana.  

Ray (aka Sonny Crockett) is indebted to the mob and Ana, his wife (ex-KGB) is the chef of their restaurant.  When the horribly inept hitmen come looking to collect on Ray’s outstanding debt…things get squirrelly.  

It’s full of horrible acting and ridiculous action sequences BUT, that being said…its rather fun to watch.  I would say sipping a Sunday afternoon coffee cocktail while ebbing and flowing out of a twilight nap would be the perfect venue to watch this flick.   The only thing missing was the soundtrack….something like “Looking for a Heartbeat” would have been perf. 

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